"Trafficking haunted children from Kosovo to Italy by car"

Trafficking haunted children from Kosovo to Italy by car
 The daily Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" wrote  yesterday a large article about a phenomenon that disturb Italy: the trafficking of children from Kosovo, but also Albania and other Balkan countries in this country.

Kosovo leads in this phenomenon, according to this paper, reporting with pictures, footage and conversations with these children.

If you read only the title of the article published in Corriere della Sera "La tratta dei fantasma RAGAZZINI out all'Italia Kosovo, in auto" (Trafficking haunted children from Kosovo to Italy by car), seems that this phenomenon is only for Kosovo, but it is not true.

This article comes to the public in an enriched way, because it is reported with video interviews of various personalities, evidence of minors, map view that explains the trafficking route.

In Florence, Italy, but also in other cities, are reaching tens of minors. Families pay up to 2,500 per children to ensure sicure passage through different borders. They get in three to four childrens in a car and travel from Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, and finally Italy.

According to this recently article, only in Florence, coming three juveniles per day, which is really a disturbing number, If we think that there a lot of cities in Italy that do not declare the number of children arrived.

When arriving in the city, children are left at the Police Headquarters or at the offices of the municipal police. Apparently, traffickers know full well that Police duty is to refuge minorens and put them in an integration program, enrolling them in a school and so on. In the bureaucratic language, these minors are called "unaccompanied minors" and are hosted to various programs and structures.

One of the testimonies of minors, which is quoted by the newspaper, said that Kosovo has very pooreness and there is no work and future for children. As a consequence they are forced to come to Europe. Travel course has its risks, and the risk increases when you are in the hands of unscrupulous traffickers who are ready to do everything for profit.

In this article the Albania is mentioned only once, together with Kosovo and Bosnia, where is written that families themselves pay to take them away from their children poverty. However, during interviews Albania is mentioned several times, what makes the situation worrisome.

A social worker interviewed by the newspaper, Marilena Macchia says that children mostly come from Kosovo and Albania. While the police of the municipality of Florence, Guasconi, hypothesises that there may be a network of certain areas of Albania and Kosovo who develop the transport function of these children.

So besides the immigration phenomenon, otehrwise called asylumseekers, the migration of minors is taking place. The latter is achieved through the trafficking of minors, which does not exclude the possibility that these children, because of their fragility, later be used by criminal organizations

Della Sera article link: http://corrierefiorentino.corriere.it/firenze/notizie/cronaca/15_ottobre_09/tratta-in-auto-ragazzini-kosovo-fino-firenze-520af374-6e4f-11e5-8061-d6dba365a310.shtml.
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