DP acussations for employment and education

Democratic Party on Tuesday denounced fraud and the empty propaganda that according to them Rama government is doing with its employment offices. 

Coordinator of the party, Ervin Salianji was with a group of young people of different professions who have applied for a job for months, but have not yet received a response. For this reason, Salianji made the denunciation in front of the Employment Office in Tirana.

"The loss of jobs is one of the most serious events that have occurred in these 300 days. Misguided government policies, establishing the progressive tax and increasing the procedures of employment have discouraged entrepreneurs and investors to create more jobs. Meanwhile the government is not doing any new policy for hiring and is not employing anyone," said Salianji.

According to him, the only solution that gives the government are the beautiful facades of work office, to which every citizen who applies for a job faces fraud and negligence.

"I am here with a group of citizens from different professions who have applied and are unemployed. The only solution that gives this government is empty propaganda and deception, while the only persons who are employed by the government are the incriminated and the ones with fake diplomas," said Salianji./top channel/- Oculus News
DP acussations for employment and education DP acussations for employment and education Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Rating: 5
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