Brace: Central Bank law to change

Commission of Economy
Commission of Economy

The head of Commission of Economy, Erjon Braçe asked today for an international audit of what happened in the Central Bank.

The socialist MP said that he will ask the Parliament and the government to begin procedures for an audit from foreign companies.

“I want to tell you that the law for the Central Bank of the country has to be changed, so the bank won't have any connection with politics, corruption, hiring relatives. So the bank needs to be truly independent. An international audit is necessary", Brace said.

Regarding the Supervisory Board of the bank, Braçe said that all its members must distance themselves from protecting the governor.

“After three weeks, the governor is still in his office even though he lost everything, his moral, trust, authority, power. He stays there because of his term. The Supervisory Council is protecting him even though they lost what he lost.

The law clearly says that the Council can remove a member and the governor when he breaks and ignores the law.

Why don't they? He did violate the bank's interests and this has been proven. Why don't they do what the law says for such cases?", he said./albeu/- Oculus News
Brace: Central Bank law to change Brace: Central Bank law to change Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Rating: 5
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