EU Court Condemns Greece over Sea Turtles

The European Court condemned Greece for not providing adequate protection to endangered sea turtles of the caretta caretta species.
More specifically, the court focused on a dump found inside the maritime national park of the island of Zakynthos, which has been part of the European network of protected sites “Natura 2000″ since 2006. Waste in the area of Kalamaki had a strong impact on the Greek island’s delicate system, and its location close to the Sekania beach was judged to be especially damaging, as the area needs absolute protection.

Greek authorities had decided to keep using the dump inside the maritime park until a new one is opened. The European Court of Justice estimated that, by keeping a dump active, which is not in line with the European Union’s environmental regulations, Greece violated its obligations on waste and dumb directives.

Furthermore, by renewing the dump’s authorization in violation with EU legislation, Greece also violated its obligations on the preservation of the environment and endangered species.  Greece is currently facing the risk of a lawsuit or a heavy fine./greekreporter/
EU Court Condemns Greece over Sea Turtles EU Court Condemns Greece over Sea Turtles Friday, July 18, 2014 Rating: 5
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