Today, the judgment day for Lazarat's capo

Mahmutaj Gate in the middle

Today the court is expected to judge the persons arrested in Lazrat village, who are charged not only for cultivation of narcotics, but also of shooting on police forces.

Today is expected that Lazarat's capo, Mahmutaj Gate, which has become known for attacking police even 10 years ago, will appear before the court.

Also the court will judge his 19-year-old son - Van Damme - and two other detainees, Mateus Boçi and Aliko Emiliano, who are charged as part of a criminal group that has fired on police during the Lazarat operation.

Gate Mahmutaj surrendered in Gjirokastra police station around 21 and 45 minutes on Tuesday evening along with his fellow Emiliano Aliko and Matjaz Boçi.

In his first statements given to Gjirokastra police Mahmutaj denied police allegations that he has shot on police forces, and that the seized amount of cannabis in his magazine belongs to him. He explained to investigative group that the building where cannabis is seized belongs to his brother and that his brother deals with livestock in the village of hashish.

Meanwhile for Gates's son, Vandam, investigators managed to prove that hi has shot on police forces from the magazine where cannabis is seized.

Even for Emiliano Aliko and Mateus Boçi, investigators managed to prove that they have shot on RENEA forces and FNSH forces.

Is expected that more persons will be arrested in the comming days.
Today, the judgment day for Lazarat's capo  Today, the judgment day for Lazarat's capo Friday, June 20, 2014 Rating: 5
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