Albania's capital traditional dish: Fërgesa e Tiranës


"Fërgesa e Tiranës", is one of the traditional foods of Tirana, tasty, healthy and very easy to prepare. Lets sey is a kind of Albanian fast-food, is also used as a snack. In ancient times but and in nowdays this kind of food was made in clay dish.

So lets go ahead:
Ingredients for 2 persons:
3-4 fresh onions with massive green leaves
2 ripe tomatoes
5 peppers (doesn't matter the color)
3 eggs
0.2 kg. white cheese, also known as "feta"- a traditional cheese of Gjirokastra region wich is exported broadly
Olive oil
Black pepper
Initially we clan well all the ingriedents - onions, peppers and tomatoes - and cut them in thin slices. Then we put to fry in a  average level of fire the onions in a pan with olive oil that was heated before for about 1 min, we let as such another 1 min. Then we put peppers and tomatoes and the cheese slicet before in small pieces. We let them to boil and at the same time mixing for about 5-6 minutes, and your "Fërgesa e Tiranës" is ready!
Ju bëftë mirë!
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