Municipality of Durres, big investment on Durres beach

Durres beach

Durres Municipality announced today that to Durres beach is carryied out a major investment aimed at the rehabilitation of the entire area.

The Municipality of Durres said, "This project will be performed by the three institutions, the World Bank with 4.1 million euros fund which will restore all wastewater network in all of the beach area. Albanian government with 150 million leks fund which will improve the drinking water supply of the entire beach. Durres municipality with 228 million lek fund  in rehabilitating public spaces on both sides of the "Independence".

"For the first time the three institutions are fully coordinated without harming  without each other investments. This investment will serve to thousands of residents nearby the beach, to hundreds of thousands of tourists and businesses of the area. Thanks to this major investment the 2017 tourist season in Durres beach will be even more preferred by tourists. Likewise the investment a year earlier on the bicycle lane, trees planted and lighting does not harm but is fully integrated into this project. Allegations raised against this investment does not lie and Municipality of Durres condemns any act aimed at the destruction of public property and violates the city's tourism image," added the Municipality  of Durres.

Municipality of Durres, big investment on Durres beach Municipality of Durres, big investment on Durres beach Sunday, April 10, 2016 Rating: 5
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