Traces of Alexander the Great in Kosovo

Ancient objects that Kosovo, Albania, Athens museums would like to have ... are exhibited in a museum in the village of Drelaj in Rugova, Kosovo.

This little museum is situated on an altitude of a thousand meters, and includes an area of 300 square meters. Is opened in a self-financed manner by one of the residents of Rugova, Besnik Lajqi, who has collected hundreds of Exhibits found to collectors around Kosovo, discovered by locals under ancient ruins.

In this museum are stored, as Lajqi claims, tens and hundreds Exhibits belonging to Alexander the Great, Roman, Christian, Byzantine, and Ottoman period ... Lajqi while talks about each ancient object, argues he is based in the evaluation from foreign visitors, among then and archaeologists.

Traces of Alexander the Great in Kosovo Traces of Alexander the Great in Kosovo Sunday, March 27, 2016 Rating: 5
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