Shkodra, a new report about vendetta

 Ombudsman of Albania presented today in Shkodra the Special Raport about vendetta.

Inter alia, he noted that Albania has still not accurate data on the size and the full extent of the blood feud, and isolated families because of vendetta. According to this report, which is expected to be submitted to Parliament, state structures are not fully engaged in a serious way in the fight against blood feud.

Blood feud is an early blight of the Albanian society that needs to be fully addressed. Although by the time of the dictatorship, this phenomenon was limited for known reasons, after 90s blood feud increased significantly causing constantly innocent victims . This harsh phenomenon is widespread mainly in northern Albania.
Shkodra, a new report about vendetta Shkodra, a new report about vendetta Friday, March 04, 2016 Rating: 5
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