Italian Police to monitor Albanian-Greek border for terrorists

Italian police that will monitor Albanian land border are expected to come next week.
The first to join the Albanian Police are instructors and then experts. Initially there will be supply with modern equipment for border control and surveillance.

Having discussed at the technical level and not only political cooperation, Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano and his counterpart Saimir Tahiri also discussed about concrete details of how the border will be monitored.

As a part of Italians will be monitoring the green border, others will assist in border crossings.

Everything is to prevent terrorism. Terrorists hide among immigrants is an alert for all countries in the region, but no one so far has specific information on how terrorists will penetrate towards the EU.

Thus Albania addressed to one of its partners with which succeeded in the fight against cultivation of narcotic plants. The meeting took place just a day after the US State Department praised the serious cooperation between Albania and Italy.
In this way, Albanian security experts think that will block any possibility of individual terrorists crossing from Albania.

The assistance, especially of human resources, is asked by the Ministry of Interior, which wants the Italians, who have a better experience in this field, to be for an indefinite period of time presented on the Albanian land borders.

Regarding the maritime border, they have to do with a more intensive exchange of information in the coming days.
Italian Police to monitor Albanian-Greek border for terrorists Italian Police to monitor Albanian-Greek border for terrorists Saturday, March 05, 2016 Rating: 5
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