In Albania live about 684 individuals with Down syndrome

March 21 of this year marks the 11th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day, and every year on this date the voice of individuals who have this syndrome or those who live with them becomes more docile. 

"My friends, my community" - is the slogan of the campaign of  march 21. A theme dictated by the International Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome where Albania is a member. The data show that globally 1 in 800 live births results in Down syndrome. 

 In Albania live about 684 individuals with Down syndrome. Individuals with Down syndrome, on an equal basis with other persons, should have been able to enjoy full rights and equal opportunities, both children and adults. This includes the possibility of full participation in the communities where they live. The reality for many of them is that the negative attitudes that are prevalent not less, resulting in expectations of discrimination and exclusion, thus creating communities where children and adults with Down syndrome to not be integrated in their peers groups. But when to children with Down syndrome and those with other special needs are given the opportunity to participate, all children benefit and there is created the environment of society, acceptance, respect for all and high expectations. Not only that, but these environments prepare all children of today as the adults of tomorrow, thus enabling adults with Down syndrome an independent living, employment and participation with confidence, fully involved in society alongside their friends and peers. In the frameworl of the World Down Syndrome Day, a lot of activities have been held in Tirana today.

In Albania live about 684 individuals with Down syndrome In Albania live about 684 individuals with Down syndrome Monday, March 21, 2016 Rating: 5
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