Codices of Berat recorded in World Memory in UNESCO

Berat Codex

 The Consultative International Committee of  UNESCO composed of many experts in the world has recorded in Lijiang, China the two Codices of Berat"  in "Memory of the World" (Mémoire du Monde) as unique values of humanity and already protected  by UNESCO.

Two codex of Berat, Beratinus 1 and Beratinus 2 are recorded along with other rare documents and one-off cultural values of other countries of the world.

Codex called the Purple Codex of Berat is a historic manuscript to early biblical literature. According to scholars, referring to the technique of writing, is a manuscript of no later than the 6th century AD. This codex is ranked in the foundations of the Eastern rite church literature.

Piece of Berat Codex

The registration of two famous codices of Berat is definitely a boost for UNESCO to propose other values to be recorded in its gold fund. The "Mémoire du Monde" aims to create a registry for the most precious values of humanity in the documentary field.

The program was established by UNESCO in 1992. Has been recorded dozens of collections and documentary funding. Just a few years ago they were registered 33 collections from different countries of the world, in 2003, that number reached 91 collections recorded by 45 member states of UNESCO.
Codices of Berat recorded in World Memory in UNESCO Codices of Berat recorded in World Memory in UNESCO Tuesday, March 08, 2016 Rating: 5
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