Sanremo, the Albanian at third Place (Video)

Albanian singer Ermal Meta made proud all Albanians with his performance. Meta was ranked in third place in the category of youth in the Sanremo Festival of Italy. Meanwhile Francesco Gabbani with the song "Amen" is the winner of Sanremo.

The song "Odio favole song" (I hate fairytales) took the applause of the audience in the hall and not only.

Albanian singer attracted attention not only by song but also with his look.
Ermal Meta performed on the final night of Sanremo 2016 Giovanni with rainbow colors painted on his face.

The rainbow flag, symbol of the civil rights movement of LGBT persons; It has turned into a form of protest for the artists participating in the Festival of Sanremo 2016, in defense of the law on marriage rights for gay people being debated from days in the Italian Parliament..
Sanremo, the Albanian at third Place (Video) Sanremo, the Albanian at third Place (Video) Sunday, February 14, 2016 Rating: 5
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