Illyrians - 300 years on the helm of Roman Empire

Decius Trajan

This happened on January 20th, 250 A.D., when the Emperor Decius Trajan began the campaign of hunting Christians in Rome. During the persecution, Pope Fabian martyred and many Christians were expelled from the city. Decius (Gaius Quintus Decius Messius Augustus) was emperor from 249-251.

In the last year of his reign, he governs with his son, Herenius Etruscus; both were killed in the battle of Abritus (today Razgrad, Bulgaria) against the Goths. 

Decius was born in 201 in Budal (Mitrovica, Kosovo). It is the first of a long list of Roman Emperors that would result from Illyria. 

These are usually called Illyrian emperors because they were all born in Illyria and went up to the highest power, beginning his career as a soldier in the Roman legions stationed in their country.
Before becoming emperor Decius had been a senator before that, mayor of the city of Rome, and then governor in Mezi, Germanic, Spain. During his reign, Decius undertook several construction projects, such as: thermal baths in Aventine (Italy), which remained functional until the XVI century, Dacius is historically known for the care of Roman Colosseum; during his time as emperor, the Colosseum had damaged badly by lightning strikes and was fully restored.

For about three centuries (251-565), Rome was dominated by Illyrian emperors; It was this period when Slavic and Vandal tribes were kept away from the borders of the region, which later would be called the Balkans. After the sixth century, in the list of the Roman emperors rarely is found any Illyrian; apparently the Illyrians were not favored of Rome or lost their power or influence; this situation coincides with the flood of Slavs in Illyrian territories. Was this Illyrians removal from power a coincidence or conspiracy, this can be revealed only through studies.

A list of selected names of Roman Emperors originating from the Illyrians.

Decius - 249-251

Hostilianus - 251

Claudius II "Gothicus" 268-270

Quintillus - 270

Aurelian - 270-275

Probus - 276-282

Diocletian - 284-305

Maximianus "Herculius" - 286-305

Galerius - 305-311

Constantine I - 306-337

Maximinus Daia - 308-313

Jovian - 363-364

Valentinianus I - 364-375

Valens - 364-378

Gratian - \ 375-383

Valentinianus II - 375-392

Marcianus - 450-457

Anastasius I - 491-518

Justin I - 518-527

Justinian I - 527-565
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