Green Crown of Berat Restored

 The forestry fund in the region of Berat, as in many other areas across the country, has experienced an uninterrupted degradation during the past 25 years, but with the entry into force of the 10-year Forest Moratorium and the Implementation of the Forestation Program, the green crown of the city is being restored.

5 thousand wild pines were planted on Friday on a two-hectare surface, near the museum district of Gorica. The rehabilitation of this area, severely damaged in 2012 due to arson, will prevent a serious problem for the citizens of Berat, such as the damage to housing and historic buildings due to erosion and landslides.

"Plantings in damaged areas create a good basis for rehabilitation within 5 years, which will be felt everywhere 10 years from now", Prime Minister Rama said. Together with the Minister of Environment Lefter Koka, he followed closely the process for restoring the greenery.

The entry into force of the 10-year moratorium, which categorically prohibits illegal cutting of forests nationwide, will be accompanied by an austerity package to be adopted soon in Parliament.

"It is necessary to accompany the moratorium with strengthened penalties for environmental crimes. The packages, to pass soon in Parliament, will complete the legal framework and create a balance between the intensive labour for reforestation and the very strict control of surfaces or trees, because if the second one does not work, the first one is like the wall of the Rozafa Castle which was built during the day and demolished during the night."

On its part, the Ministry of Environment is implementing a major project for the inventory of forest and pasture fund, which will be completed in 2017 and will allow for the first time the Ministry to implement an integrated strategy for the protection and the development of green areas.

Minister Koka said that "many Albanians had begun to believe it was their destiny to live with such forest degradation and agony, so I'm confident that the moratorium is one of the most historic decisions of this Parliament and this government. We will restore Albania’s green surface. Only 26% of the territory is covered with vegetation, but I am convinced that we will have a very different Albania 10 years from now."

MP of Berat district Eduard Shalsi emphasized the need for a greater involvement of local authorities who are now in charge also of forest management. "What we are doing today, the government has been doing this for months, is to meet the need for reforestation. This is the first time we have a very clear program. The Ministry will make the policies, while the local government will be in charge of the administration."

Illegal cutting and arson for the illegal acquisition of property in forest areas have caused a real environmental disaster in the period 2007-2013. Approximately 17% of the country’s forest fund has been deliberately cut and burned in just seven years, as a direct consequence of 2600 permissions for the use of forests granted illegally by the previous government, with an average of three permissions per day.
Green Crown of Berat Restored Green Crown of Berat Restored Monday, February 08, 2016 Rating: 5
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