Albanian ports to compete in the region

Port of Durrës

 The Albanian port authorities are seeking to increase the competitiveness of the Albanian ports in the Balkan region. Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Edmond Haxhinasto said that during the annual analysis of the challenge Albania must further improve services and particularly the drafting strategies in order to increase the volume of goods.

He said that within a short time will be ready new tariff plans, what will increase the possibility of Albanian competition.

In technical plan is expected the deepening of port basins for the anchoring of heavy commercial ships, both for goods and passenger.

During the last year 4 country's 4 pryorities, the port of Durres, St. Gjini, Vlora and Saranda, have marked a significant increase in revenue. According to authorities these results are attributed also to the large influx of passengers and tourists during 2015.
Albanian ports to compete in the region Albanian ports to compete in the region Friday, February 26, 2016 Rating: 5
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