Albanian Fashion Week in New York on March

Mrika Krasniqi

"Albanian Fashion Week 'is a project that will be held at the end of March in New York, according to Mrika Krasniqi, the organizer of this project.

The project will be attended by many famous Albanian designers from around the world, who will present their works.

"Will be a long-awaited offer from Albanian stylists who could be presented in NYC, the city that never sleeps, a city of fashion and culture," said Krasniqi in an interview.

She notes that in Europe have been contacted many designers, who have welcomed this project and are preparing their collections.

We will be able to present at least 600 different dresses made by 20 Albanian designers. These clothing lines will be presented for sale before the customers invited to this event, creating opportunities for cooperation in this field and through the exchange of experiences sales.

According to Krasniqi, for this event are committed some of the popular models of New York and beyond.

Realizing a series of documentaries and works with a constant success and many international awards, Mrika Krasniqi is also the mastermind and organizer of Albanian Film Festival Week in New York. The known artist has her own production company "Nil Production" based in Pristina and US.
Albanian Fashion Week in New York on March Albanian Fashion Week in New York on March Sunday, February 07, 2016 Rating: 5
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