Jaca Brothers Encounter

The match between Albania and Switzerland in 2016 is expected to more interest in both countries.

Numerous players of Albanian origin are part of the Swiss representative.

On 11 June in Euro 2016 will take place a particular challenge between Xhaka brothers.
Taulant, who plays for Albanian Rossoneri spoke to Swiss newspaper "Blick" about this rare match.

"It's hard for me and my family, but I want to win this match. I will face my brother, but it does not matter "- Xhaka said to Blick.

Both have played before for Basel, but now there is only Taulant. Albania is in the same group with the host country France and Romania, but the midfielder of Rossoneri did not lose hope, remembering that even in the qualifying group there was a high level opponents as Portugal.

This will be a debut mutch for Albania in the final stage of Euro 2016.
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