Skanderbeg and Kosovo War II

Skanderbeg and Kosovo War II
 Among the most important international events of the fifteenth century, no doubt, is the Kosovo War II (1448).

This historical event attracted the attention of many chroniclers, historians and lingered in many documents of the time. These first-hand sources, were studied by numerous Albanians and foreigners historians, they thrown light on this event is wich is important not only for our national history, but also beyond, writes Lulzim Lajçi in today's edition to Koha Ditore.

The importance of this war for the history of Albanian people is that is held in the heart of the ancient Dardania, not on the lands of Gjergj Brankovic, as is stated usually in the historiography literature. Through this event can clearly understood the role of the Albanians, led by Skanderbeg, in Europe.

Janos Hunyadi, since 1446 Hungary emperor, did not forget the shame that experienced near Varna (1444) and constantly thought of revenge.
In 1448 Hunyadi was in another time in a position to attack the Ottomans. His intentions were not as ambitious as they were during the campaign of Varna (1444). However, this time his intentions were to join Skanderbeg, and then conquer Macedonia and southern Serbia.

Skanderbeg was the only one that responded to his military campaign against Ottomans. Skanderbeg had indeed planed to help Hunyadi in the Kosovo War II in 1448, as a lot of sources of the time infer.

According to the Venetian documents, on October 4, 1448, under the walls of Lezha, Skanderbeg made peace with the Republic of Venice, looking, among others things, that within 15 days the Republic of Venetia pay him a provision of 1,400 ducats, in order to help Hunyadi.

The amount asked by Skanderbeg never was given to him.
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