Albanian, First Language of Humanity

 Tower of Babel is mentioned in the Bible, was an under construction tower to reach heaven and God itself. People speaking the same language, began to construct this giant tower. God, who observed the arrogance of the humanity, decided to confuse the language of the humanity, in order to not understand each other more.
Albanian, First Language of Humanity

So God did and prevented any such colossal efforts in the future of humanity. People, the next day was no longer understood. Lord bears the languages of the world.

Albanian is the first language WRITTEN IN THE WORLD, is the LANGUAGE OF THE BEGINNING! Yes, yes, do not fear, trials are widespread and systematic. They are found in over 200000 "books" (of cuneiform tablets) in most ancient culture of the world - that Sumerian. Descendants of the Babylonian Akkadians called this place Super (Schumer) or "Shum Er". Schuers called it KI.E.NGIR, which means "replete land", saturated, flourishing. Evidence are found on 3-4 billion Bible copies worldwide. It is believed that the biblical stories, especially the first chapter, the beginning / genesis, are derived from the writings of the Sumerian tablets as "Epic of Creation". The Bible has been translated into more than 2,000 languages, but the first part of the 39 books of "Old Testament", is called "Genesis", paragraph 6: 4, contains Albanian proof with the word "in the beginning" (Alb: Zanafilla).

It has been a major problem for translators, who eventually left it in the original language and so the word "beginning" is one of the most important evidence for the origin of the Albanian language of the Bible accounts. Another proof, again in the Bible is the word "curse" (Alb: Mallkim), in the Bible is written as "Malakhim".
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