Sea Level Rise, a View From Space

As we know the Climate Change is a main issue in today's world. The Climate Change can change the stile of living for many nations who are located near coastlines due to the rising of sea level; unheard diseases may emerge due to the increasing of population density because of land reduction.
Sea Level Rise, a View From Space

Of course that many nations can't afford economically to build barriers at coastlines as Holland does. This phenomenon may extinguish many species who live in specific habitats. But as we know, the human evolution is based also in studying the species. In that sense, the climate change may slow down the development in general. On the other side, new species may emerge, but the study of these supposedly new species inquire much more energy and effort than the species who actually are under study.

In these video of Live Science you can learn more about the mechanisms that makes possible the rising of sea level because of climate change, and imagine what might occur in decades to come.
Sea Level Rise, a View From Space Sea Level Rise, a View From Space Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Rating: 5
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