Saint Koll Monastery in Saranda undergoing restoration

 The Saint Kolli Monastery, differently called the Mesopotam Monastery, situated to the south of Mesopotam village, Saranda region, near the ancient city of Finiq, has undergone an archaeological survey and restoration process.
This news was reported by Vlora’s Regional Directorate of National Culture, which published on its website some photos of the monastery in the process of restoration reading: Some surveys are taking place to the south of the church bordering with the Konaks and to the west close to the toll tower at the mill.
The specialists at Vlora’s Culture Directorate describe the Saint Koll Monastery in Mesopotam as a precious gem of our Cultural Heritage and of World Byzantine Architecture.
The Saint Nikoll church represents the Byzantine architecture. What is left of the monastery are the ruins of the surrounding walls encompassing around 100 square meters and dominated by 9 square towers. The chambers of monastery have been built later.
It is one of the oldest Byzantine style churches whose authentic values have remained intact.
It is famed for its décor and mosaics featuring floral and zoomorphic designs, carved external decorations and the arch windows and entries.

The restorations it has undergone twice in 1793 and 1845 have changed its facade and diminished many of its values./atsh/
Saint Koll Monastery in Saranda undergoing restoration  Saint Koll Monastery in Saranda undergoing restoration Sunday, August 02, 2015 Rating: 5
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