"Rambo" Killed Russian Commander in Kosharë

"Rambo" Killed Russian Commander in Kosharë
A Russian officer and his 11 Serb soldiers had been killed by UÇK forces in Kosharë during their attempt to penetrate from the back of Albanian soldiers of UÇK.

Many of you have been able to see the video that documented the Russian officer killed in the area, where Naim Maloku was the commander.

Maloku, 16 years after, tells the story that is discussed in the UN about the direct involvement of Russia in Kosovo.
"Rambo" Killed Russian Commander in Kosharë
The official document of Russian officer
"Senior Russian officer was of special units with the rank of captain and experienced in Chechnya... The original documents he had with him. US Embassy asked us these documents, Maloku says in an interview for "zëri.info".

Maloku says that has personally sent those documents in Tirana.
"At that time I have submitted these documents to the Ministry of Defense in the hands of Azem Syla, who was a Minister of "Thaçi" government. Then Syla has submitted them to the American Embassy. But to be sure that these documents will go to the right place, Me and two soldiers sent them to Tirana ", Maloku seys.

He says that the killing of the Russian officer in Kosharë opened a wide debate since confirmed the Russia's direct participation in Kosovo War.

"The Security Council of UN, spoke about the murder of the Russian officer in Kosharë. Russia's participation in Kosovo War," says Maloku.
Leaving aside what happened after the murder, Maloku has shown how everything happened.

"The Russian officer was killed in an efforts with a group of Serbs under his command to penetrate form the back of us, in a territory controlled by UÇK forces. There were killed also 11 Serb soldiers and a captain from Majdanpeku. I showed their documents to foreign journalists. Normally, I got this duty through the radio from the commander Rrustem Berisha," Maloku says.

He has finally revealed the name of the person who killed the Russian officer, and tells also about the UÇK losses.

"That day we had two soldiers killed and many wounded. While the Russian officer is killed by the soldier with the nickname "Rambo". I met him several times after Drebica War," ends Maloku.

Kosharja has been one of the most heated war zones of Kosovo, where Serb forces have suffered some of their biggest losses.
"Rambo" Killed Russian Commander in Kosharë "Rambo" Killed Russian Commander in Kosharë Tuesday, August 25, 2015 Rating: 5
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