Missing girls sought in nightclubs, 4 phone numbers at peek

Orilanda (left); Klevisa (right)

From almost a month two sisters, Orilada and Klevisa Kajtazi, respectively 18 and 14-year old, have been lost. Despite that it is not the first time that these teenagers leave home, the lack of a contact has brought concern to their families.

According to the Police of Durres, they allegedly are still in the city. Police suspect they are being used in nightclubs, mainly in the beach area, as waitresses or dancers. It is this area of the city where the Police is focused, because the activity of the nightclubs in this period is very dense.

Numerous checks were carried out at night by Police, while sources from Prosecution said that they are surveying 4 phone numbers, who have communicated with the sisters in recent days.
According to Prosecution, a woman in her 50-s had a conversation with them for the last time. Investigation team is focused on the identification of the mysterious woman, who allegedly manages two sisters. Father, mother and older sister of two missing girls were taken into questioning by officers, but could not reveal the motives of this event.

According Kajtazi family acquaintances, the suspicious behavior of 18 - year old Orialda, began after the brake of its two year engagement. The responsibility goes to her family, that's is suspected that it might be a vengeance from her side.

He learned that the girls parents continually threw a drug called "Loram" and laid to sleep and then frequented unknown people at night.

25 days after their lost, Police have not yet located the two sisters.
Kajtazi sisters, on 15 July poisoned their parents for the last time and allegedly set fire to the house and then robbed an amount of Lek 5 million from their family savings.
Missing girls sought in nightclubs, 4 phone numbers at peek Missing girls sought in nightclubs, 4 phone numbers at peek Sunday, August 09, 2015 Rating: 5
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