Climate Change is drying Rivers in Albania

Climate changes have given their consequences in our country too. The higher temperatures are expected to cause drought, which will be followed by damages in the environment and economy, making it difficult to produce renewable energy.

Environmental experts say that the hundreds of permits for hydropower plants, 499 in total as noted by the Agency of Natural Resources, without respecting the legal criteria, are hurting the natural ecosystem of rivers throughout the country, according to Emirjeta Adhami, Specialist at the INCA.

The civil society applauded the government’s decision to stop the construction of hydropower plants in protected areas, but asked the government to intervene with investors so that they respect all obligations and protect the environment.

World Bank experts say that the Albanian natural waters resources are expected to reduce with 14%, ore more than 40%, by the end of the XXI century.
Climate Change is drying Rivers in Albania Climate Change is drying Rivers in Albania Sunday, August 02, 2015 Rating: 5
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