Public and private universities under inspection

The Ministry of Education is inspecting all private and public universities, to see if they work within the legal frame that guarantees quality for all students. 

The first report will be published in the next week. It will show the real situation of the Albanian universities, plenty of which are expected to be penalized.

“Next week you will have a report with the violations of the laws in private and public universities, and for the measures that the Ministry will take regarding this issue. After this we will have an accrediting process from the British agency, which will deal with the university functionality standards”, declared the Deputy Minister of Education, Arbjan Mazniku.

Mazniku added that after this report they will start accrediting the universities: We have started our contacts with the British agency since November 2013, and from that moment, something was very clear: the accrediting process is logical for verifying the quality criteria for teaching or for the functionality of universities.

The accrediting of universities is expected to end by the end of this year. This process is being held for the first time in our country, and it is expected to show the real quality of our universities.

The new law for the higher education is expected to be implemented in the next year, and it will pass in Parliament this autumn./top channel/
Public and private universities under inspection Public and private universities under inspection Monday, August 04, 2014 Rating: 5
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