Merkel: Balkans part of EU as soon as possible

"The role of Europe in guarding peace and prosperity is emphasized again in this summit and no one more than Merkel deserves to be thanked. I appreciate the engagement of Merkel. I am happy for this meeting to be regular to deepen our cooperation. I know EU has some doubts, but we see EU as an inspiration and hope. All Western Balkans countries are united in the path of reforms to become part of EU, but we need to remember that 100 years after WWI, there hasn't been any conflict in the region. 
We need to be tolerant today more than ever. Religious harmony is one of the reasons Pope Francesk is visiting Albania. Let us be those who keep this value in the gates of Europe. We want to make sure EU sees us as allies. We believe Europe can help us and we can help Europe. We are a country that knows where its future is", Rama said.

While the President of EC, Jose Manuel Barroso reaffirmed that EC supports Balkans integration in the EU. "The progress in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia is very notable", he said. 

PM Edi Rama also confirmed he will be visiting Serbia in October and spoke about a new era in the Balkans./albeu - Oculus News

Merkel: Balkans part of EU as soon as possible Merkel: Balkans part of EU as soon as possible Thursday, August 28, 2014 Rating: 5
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