Golem, the drinking water is polluted

Even though we are at the peak of the tourist season, a large part of the inhabitants of the Golem, for a month and a half not only have no supplies of drinking water, but the tap water is polluted. 

A great number of residents indicate that they are sick and that none of the responsible authorities are taking action.

"The problem is that clean water is mixed with sewage. Here come all sorts of rubbish. You cannot open the tap water because it comes black and smelly. We informed the water supply office about the situation and there is no solution," says one resident.

"I came from Greece to open a business of mine. Last night I was in the hospital because of stress and from this situation. We can’t live here anymore. Everyone here is sick and under medication", say the concerned residents.

After an illegal interference in the network, the water pipeline that supplies this area is severely damaged and water utility personnel could not repair it even after 7 weeks.

Residents are concerned about their health and the high cost of these holidays on the beach. They are forced to buy water even to bath.

For Albanians living abroad and returning for summer vacation in the apartments purchased in Golem this is considered an absurd situation.
Golem, the drinking water is polluted Golem, the drinking water is polluted Thursday, August 14, 2014 Rating: 5
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