Bank of Albania theft, defendants’ declarations

“There was chaos. There was no regulation about the responsibilities of each person. We are still shocked. We don’t know anything. The responsibility goes to the superiors. We have never had any suspicion about Bitraj, because he didn’t spend much time with us, but with Mimoza Bruzia”. 

This declaration comes from Petrit Ramohitaj, Chief of the Active Cash, and of Bashkim Xhilaga, former Monitoring Supervisor.

They were both interrogated by the investigators, and they both blamed their superiors who had not created a regulation for the Emission Department, which had created chaos in the department and caused the theft of 713 million ALL.

One source of Top Channel declared that no one spoke about concrete persons, although some Prosecutors tried to take more information from them. The superiors have been accused with the arguments that they have left the Treasury Branch without a regulation for three years, which makes the Prosecutors wonder how the sector functioned without a regulation for such a long time.

But this hypothesis is difficult to be argued with evidence. Sources say for Top Channel that other defendants will be interrogated. The Prosecution claims that Xhilaga, based on the regulation of March 2014, approved by the Supervisory Council, had the duty to make periodical inspections for the physical state of the banknotes in the Stock Cash and supervise the actions in the Active Cash, from which the money was taken.

The Prosecution suspects that by failing to fulfill his duty, Xhilaga and his colleagues have caused the theft. On the other hand, the Prosecution says that Petrit Ramihotaj should have implemented the regulation for holding three copies of the keys and closing them in a safe.

From the cameras it is seen that Bitraj opened the safe alone, which raises the suspicions that Ramohitaj has not respected the regulation./top channel/
Bank of Albania theft, defendants’ declarations Bank of Albania theft, defendants’ declarations Wednesday, August 06, 2014 Rating: 5
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