10 Mysteries of Dictator Enver Hoxha

Enver Hoxha, 1948

Enver Hoxha was among the cruelest dictators of the Eastern World by the time of Iron Curtain, and of course that dictators have many mysteries, here sum 10. 

1. Youth age of dictator Enver Hoxha is anclear and noways. Former communist dictator, in his memoirs of the period of his youth is represented as revolutionary, but he never gave the real dimensions of his activity.

2. One of the great mysteries of Hoxha is definitely his arrival at the head of the Communist Party on November 8, 1941. At the meeting he was not appointed as the leader, while he later emerges as the leader of the Communists.

3. The killing of Qemal Stafa is a dark part of the History of Enver Hoxha. Although the former Secretary of the Communist Youth by the time, Qemal Stafa, is said the has been killed by Germans, the enigma here is that why he was ordered by Hoxha to go in Vlora on 5 May 1942.

4. The coming to power and the political purges, what influence had Russians and Yugoslavia in Hoxha's decisions, why he was broken with Tito and what intended by the refusal of the Marshall Plan?

5 The reasons of the elimination of several key figures who were his associates, as Beqir Balluku and Mehmet Shehu, obviously he toke to his grave.

6. Why Albania broke with Yugoslavia, Russia and then with China, what he intended by isolatingn the country, why he didn's seek new allies in communist countries?

7 How Enver Hoxha survived, what is the truth of his twins and who were they who Hoxha looked as its enemies?

8 Was there a CIA plan to eliminate Enver Hoxha? Why Mehmet Shehu was the darling of the Americans, while was the right arm of Hoxha.

9 Why he broke with Mehmet Shehu and then with Kadri Hazbiu. Ramiz Alia was a man projected by him to run the country? What had talked with Hysni Kapo until 1979?

10 The last mysteryes are his illness and his death. Why his death was kept secret for a certain time?
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