Police files "Gjoni" case at Prosecution


The Directory for Economic and Financial Crime at the State Police submitted to the police all the files against the Judge of Appeal and member of the High Council of Justice, Gjin Gjoni, accused of laundering criminal activity.

The announcement of the Interior Ministry says that the case is based on the report of the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets, who is accused for false declaration of assets and falsified documents.

The Directory for Economic Financial Crime at the State Police suspects that Gjoni has a suspicious wealth coming from illegal activities, based on the real estates he and his wife own.

Gjin Gjoni: Attacks against me are political

Two days ago, while reporting for the first 300 days of governing, Prime Minister Edi Rama raised the concern for the situation of the judiciary, referring to the case of Gjin Gjoni, and saying that it had created concern even among the international community.

“I was horrified when foreign officials mention the name of Gjin Gjoni. Why should they know about it, from NOT to the EU? I have nothing personal against this person, and this is not personal, but this is about a phenomenon”, Rama declared.

Gjoni reacted and said that the international community is concerned because the justice reforms are being done without consulting the international institutions, and because the Prime Minister has interfered in court decisions.

“The Prime Minister has lost the sense of reality or he has been intentionally disinformed. He was supposed to do an analyze of his government, not of the political party that he represents, and everyone understands this. I don’t understand why the Prime Minister feesl horrified by the name of Gjin Gjoni. The international community is concerned every day how the Prime Minister makes threats on the phone or sends his people to judges for concrete cases, for which I have been informed as HCJ member. The international community is concerned and should be concerned, because the justice reform is being done without consulting the Commission of Venice, without the Council of Europe, the European Commission and other international institutions”, the HCJ member declared.

Gjoni added that the accusations against him are a personal attack organized by Prime Minister Rama, and that tax structures are imposing pressure against the businesses of his family.

“The Prime Minister said that he has nothing personal with Gjin Gjoni, but it is the contrary. Besides the HCJ and the President, Rama attacks only me. Since he has nothing personal, why is it that people who work at the the HIDAA have confidentially told me that the order was given by the Prime Minister? Since Rama claims there is nothing personal, why the Minister of Justice told me confidentially that this is not coming from him, but from higher instances? How is it possible that every tow months, the businesses of my family are inspected with violence, pressure and fines, saying that they have been ordered to do that, and in some cases they mention the Prime Minister’s name?”. Gjoni declared./top channel/
Police files "Gjoni" case at Prosecution Police files "Gjoni" case at Prosecution Thursday, July 17, 2014 Rating: 5
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