No agreement with Self-Determination Movement

The meeting between the post-election coalition of the LDK, AAK, Initiative and Self-Determination Movement ended without an agreement. After the meeting that took two hours, Kurti said that the reason for not reaching an agreement is a discrepancy between the readiness to agree on a discussion table and the will to write them down and sign them.

More specifically, there are two issues for which the Self-Determination Movement has insisted: the Prishtina-Belgrade dialogue and the privatization process. In this situation, the Self-Determination Movement will not vote the Parliament Speaker proposed by this coalition and not even the Haradinaj government.

The Leader of the AAK, Ramush Haradinaj, said that there was no discrepancy about the issues they agreed on, but there were problems with the implementing mechanisms. According to him, new elements came out in the meeitng of this Monday, for which the coalition was unable to decide. Haradinaj added that the working groups will work for reaching an agreement. Haradinaj denied that the visit of the US Secretary has influenced in creating a distance between the parties.

“We have agreed on the issues. Something new came out, elements that had not been thought to be part of the basic agreement. That’s what caused the delay”, Haradinaj declared.

The leaders of LDK and the Initiative didn’t give any declaration. Haradinaj said that the material for which they agreed on during the past meetings was enough to reach an agreement. When asked if this is about new conditions from the Self-Determination Movement, Haradinaj said that they are working with a material. He didn’t answer if the three subjects alone could be able to create Kosovo’s institutions without the Self-Determination Movement.

According to Haradinaj and Kurti, the meetings of the opposition will continue.
No agreement with Self-Determination Movement No agreement with Self-Determination Movement Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Rating: 5
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