Debate for Himara in numbers

Himara is one of the three local units that is being part of the new territorial reform, creating a municipality with the same name, part of which will be Lukova and the Hor Vranisht commune.

The unification of the Vlore River villages with Himara and Lukova has been opposed by the leader of the United for Human Rights Party, Vangjel Dule, claiming that Vranisht will be used as an electoral body with the purpose to withhold the local government of Himara.

This claim falls even if it is taken in consideration, based on the recent census. Himara has 2822 residents, while the Lukova commune, with which UHRP has no problem unifying, has 2916 residents, which it will change the electoral relations that the UHRP claims.

The Hor Vranisht commune is the smallest, with 2080 residents. The territorial reform commission has rejected the request of the UHRP that Himara is a Greek minority and as such it should be in a separate municipality.

Government sources declared for Top Channel that the territorial reform has simply returned the 400-year-old local borders of the Himara region.

Population of new Himara municipality

Hor Vranisht   2.080
Lukove        2.916
Himare        2.822

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Debate for Himara in numbers Debate for Himara in numbers Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Rating: 5
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