Again physical clashes in Albanian Parliament

Another harsh conflict took place this Thursday between the majority and opposition MPs in Parliament, which resulted with a massive boycott of the Democratic Party Mps.

Democratic Party MP, Gent Strazimiri, was confronted with the Lezha Socialist MP, Arben Noka, which caused an intervention by the other Socialist MP, Pjerin Ndreu.

The offenses started in Parliament, after Strazimiri accused the Socialist Party of having MPs connected with crime.

Then he left the room, together with the Socialist MPs, but it is unknown how the physical conflict started. After this, Prime Minister Berisha accused the Albanian Prime Minister for the entire situation.

The opposition left the room after the decision was communicated by MP Berisha: “This is an ugly and repeated act, through which Edi Rama is showing that whoever attacks him will be attacked by criminals, assassins and drug traffickers. This is a low provocation. I don’t see any space for the Albanian opposition in this Parliament. From a temple of democracy, the Parliament has turned into a den of criminals with whom we have nothing to do”, he declared.

The Prime Minister condemned the act and said that MPs of both parties should be punished for this.

“We have always been against any type of violence. There will be a harsh stance towards any MP, regardless of their political sides”, Rama declared.

Debates for usage of weapons
Tahiri: Law improves chaotic situation. DP: It doesn’t improve anything

The Democratic Party MP, Eduard Halimi, declared in Parliament that both laws for weapons will not improve the situation of the public order in our country, which, according to him, has deteriorated.

“This is the situation after 300 days of government: 96 murders, 4035 robberis, 78 explosions. All with illegal weapons and ammunition. But the Prime Minister says that all of them are traffickers, so that’s OK. A Prime Minister should not speak like this. Only bands and speak like this, and the delirious of the communist regime”, Halimi declared.

The Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, declared that the law improves the chaotic situation of arm possession.

“The weapons will have a seal of the Albanian government. You killed four unarmed people on the boulevard, while with this law we will avoid the usage of weapons against protesters”, Tahiri declared.

As for the 13 businessmen that have been killed, the Minister declared that some of them were in fact traffickers.

“You should define what a businessman is. Those who are involved with criminal activities should not be considered businessmen in Parliament”, Tahiri declared.

The Interior Minister accused the former Minister of Justice of turning his personal secretaries to judges that cannot give justice. “In these 23 years you have destroyed the people’s trust to justice. Your secretaries have become judges and now you are appointing them at the High Council of Justice”, Tahiri declared./top channel/
Again physical clashes in Albanian Parliament Again physical clashes in Albanian Parliament Friday, July 11, 2014 Rating: 5
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