300 days of new Albanian government

The Albanian government presented the achievements for the first 300 days. Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that the merit for everything that has been achieved in these 300 days goes to those who invested in this winning project by voting it in the elections of June 23rd.

“We achieved something very simple in these 300 days, but that seemed impossible 300 days ago. No businessman feels in difficulty with the government due to his political affiliations, and no media is facing difficulties due to their political affiliations”.

As for the candidate status, the Prime Minister declared that without the work of the current government, Albania would still be waiting for it.

“Albania would have not achieved the candidate status without the return of the Police on its job. Lazarat is a village like all others, and our country has removed a stain from a place where drugs were thriving. We gave the candidate status to Albania through dignity, by not requesting it for mercy and by not connecting it to our goals as a government, or to the content of our work, but by arguing with seriousness the rights and reasons why Europe should see the Albanian people not as a problem, but as a valuable asset”.

Rama promised that his government will keep all the promises made during the electoral campaign.

“We will keep all of our promises, and if we don’t, we will explain the reasons very openly and it will be up to the Albanian people to decide if we were lacking of our will or of possibilities”.

As for the judiciary reform, the Prime Minister declared: “I am horrified when foreign officials know the name of Gjin Gjoni. An entire alliance knows Gjin Gjoni and mentions him as a problem. The resistance will be strong, but we will continue with our reform. The opposition requests equal justice as us, but the more they miss in meetings, the more they look like the defenders of people like Gjin Gjoni in our justice system”.

The Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati: “We received the candidate status. We will work for the diplomatic body to stay far from politics.”

The Minister of Integration, Klajda Gjosha: “The integration process requires a strong long and heavy work. I dedicate the candidate status to all Albanians who have put us to a huge responsibility. We have completed the national plan for the European integration 2014-2020. This plan will put our country closer to the EU laws”.

The Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri: “Despite the difficulties, we have been able to bring the State Police back to their place. We have returned dignity to the police and guaranteed more asfety for our citizens. We have destroyed the impunity wall by convicting the “untouchables”. We established the rule of law in Lazarat, and now our country has no more areas where the rule of law doesn’t apply.

The Minister of Justice, Nasip Naço: “We are engaged to open a new page for the rule of law. We will bring transparency and credibility to the public”.

The Minister of Economy, Arben Ahmetaj: “We opened the path for a new economic model. We found a paralyzed economy due to debts. Our priority for the first months was stopping the economic drop. The Bank of Albania reports show that the consumers have regained trust. The buying power has increased, same as the commerce with foreign countries./top channel/
300 days of new Albanian government 300 days of new Albanian government Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Rating: 5
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