Taking children off the streets

Hundreds of children are forced to beg on streets for hours in all kinds of temperature, and the money they earn are taken by their parents or tutors. Often they get mistreated in case they rebel.

200 volunteers have joined the initiative of the Ministry of Social Welfare to stop this phenomenon.

"The only way to stop this business is by not making them earn money from children. We have identified 2000 active beggars in Albania, who generate 10,000 ALL per day, which by the end of the month mount up to 300,000 ALL, turning this into a real business and with a high human cost, which is the destruction of those children", Minister Veliaj declared.

The Police and social service structures are working to remove children from the street and receive the necessary service, but tutors are a strong obstacle, who must be sentenced as the law requires.

"Children don't need cash, because they don't even understand it. Their tutors need cash. People who have turned them into modern slaves. This is a crime that needs to be treated by other instances", Veliaj declared./top channel/
Taking children off the streets Taking children off the streets Thursday, June 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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