Prime Minister Rama: Irinej declaration, not welcomed


Yesterday’s declaration of the Serbian Patriarch, Irinej, that Kosovo is a holy land of Serbia, has left bad impressions to the public opinion and Prime Minister Rama.

Rama boycotted the official dinner organized by one of the Orthodox leaders.

Rama gave a clear message during today’s meeting with representatives of the church, including the Serbian patriarch Irinej.

Rama expressed his discontent with Irinej’s declaratins, saying that his declaration among the Albanian religious celebration was unwanted.

Rama underlined that the orthodox community, like any other religious community, is not united by ethnicity, but by unlimited faith in God. That’s why ethnic borders should not divide it, and not include it in debates of the past about ethnic borders by religious people themselves.

The Prime Minister added that no one who arrives to Albania as a religious representative, should not forget that this is the country where different religions live in harmony, and this should be respected by every visitor.

The fact that the highest authorities had gathered to respect the orthodox community, together with the new Cathedral, was an expression of the traditional respect that this country has for each religion, Rama declared.

“Albania is the wrong country for declarations like those of the Serbian patriarck. After Kosovo’s declaration of independence, this debate simply does not exist and the declaration didn’t respect the country, the Albanian orthodox community and not even the other communities, by damaging this way the joy of such a huge event./top channel/
Prime Minister Rama: Irinej declaration, not welcomed Prime Minister Rama: Irinej declaration, not welcomed Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Rating: 5
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