Lazarat operation is continuing, five other persons are arrested


The police operation in Lazarat in eliminating narcotic plants and putting before justice the persons who shoot on the police is on the fifth day.

State Police announced today that five other persons has been arrested, accused of attempted murder of police officers, cultivation of narcotic plants and keeping weapons without permission.

According to police the responsible persons who shoot on State Police forces are:

1.Rustem Mahmutaj Jamal, 19, resident in Lazarat.

2.Teslim Mahmutaj Jamal, 22, resident in Lazarat village.

3.Vandam Razip Mahmutaj, 19, resident in Lazarat.

4.Hysen (Neni) Cela, 48, from Lazarat.

These citizens are accused of criminal offenses: attempted murder of police officers in cooperation, illegal possession of weapons and military ammunition, cultivation of narcotic plants, provided by Articles 79 / b, 22, 25, 278 and 284 of Criminal Code.


Arrested persons allegedly along with other people fired on police forces during the operation.

During the inspection of Mahmutaj Vandam's apartament police found as material evidences 1,363 kg of hashish, 8500 narcotic roots, 1000 bullets model 56, 225 cartridges model 56, one grenade and a signal pistol and a considerable amount of ammunitions of various types.

Yesterday was also arrested E. B., 17-year-old, suspected of criminal offenses, violation of public order and destruction of property, provided by Articles 236 and 150 of the Criminal Code.


The results of Operation

State Police structures during the operation extinguished about 80 thousand of narcotic plants, roots and seedlings, as well as over 12. 8 tones of cannabis sativa, and took appropriate samples as material evidence.

During these operations were also discovered 2 laboratories were narcotic plants was produced.

Meanwhile, State Police forces are operating step by step penetrating inside every centimeter of Lazarat, exercising control in the territories of housing, land and the land that surrounds the municipality.

On the ground are about 800 police forces backed by special tools, General Directorate of State Police forces, District Police Directorate of Gjirokastra forces, RENEA special forces, FNSH of Fier, Shkodra and Tirana forces, Delta Force of Vlora forces, and other special elite forces of Tirana. Also there are about 60 police vehicles in motion.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor for Serious Crimes and Serious Crime Directorate of the State Police, has continued further in conducting investigations and fixing material evidences.
Lazarat operation is continuing, five other persons are arrested  Lazarat operation is continuing, five other persons are arrested Thursday, June 19, 2014 Rating: 5
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