Erdogan releases from prison the perpetrators of the ‘Bayloz’ coup

In Turkey, a day after the sentencing to life imprisonment of the two protagonists of the military coup of 1980, the Istanbul court ordered the release of 236 officers of the Turkish Armed Forces, who were convicted on charges of involvement in the military coup codenamed “Bayloz” (Sledgehammer), which ultimately aimed to overthrow the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

The officers were released from prison after the unanimous decision of the Constitutional Court, which yesterday ruled that it violated the rights of the officers as the special court that sentenced them refused to hear the testimony of two former senior military officers, as had been requested by the defendants.

The three main accused in the “Bayloz” operation, the former leader of the First Army, Cetin Dogan, the former leader of the Turkish Air Force, Ibrahim Fırtına, and the former Chief of Navy, Ozden Ornek, in 2012 had been sentenced to twice life imprisonment. Later it was announced that the sentence of the three “brains” behind the operation was reduced to twenty years imprisonment due to the failure to carry out the plan.
Other generals, like Engin Alan, Erhun Saygun and former Head of the School of War Bilgin Balanlı, had been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, charged with participation on a failed coup attempt. ”

Now all the “conspirators” are released from prison in order to re-open their case. A process that will take several months./ibna/
Erdogan releases from prison the perpetrators of the ‘Bayloz’ coup Erdogan releases from prison the perpetrators of the ‘Bayloz’ coup Friday, June 20, 2014 Rating: 5
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