First Capital of Ottomans is Populated 30% by Albanians

Few people know that Bursa, one of the most industrialized metropolitan areas of Turkey, located in northwest Anatolia, Marmara region, is populated about 30% by Albanians.  

And not only that, but the city with an extraordinary development, which is known for the production of motor vehicles, is leaded by an Albanian. Mayor Recep Alltepe is the head of city's Municipality, by origin hi is from Skopje (a city populated densely by Albanians and nowdays), he proposed to include the Albanian language in Turkish schools.
Settled in Bursa nearly 100 years ago, Albanian families are not prohibited to preserve their language, values ​​and culture.
Albanians managed to preserve well enough one of the greatest values ​​that characterizes them: hospitality.
They came here from Scopje and Kosovo. They have continuoiusly tried firmlly to preserve their language and traditions, even in marrieges they prefere Albanians.
They like to speak in Albanian with us, although they dificulties to express themselves. They show us that they are well integrated in Bursa but still yearn for their country.
They managed to preserve even Albanian traditional cooking.
The association of businessmen of Bursa, Rumeli Said, which is composed mainly of Albanians, are also willing to invest in Tirana.

The History in Bursa is alive, because nothing is broken, since its founding as the first capital of the Ottoman state between 1335 and 1413.
Bursa one of the cities that has managed to produce by itself the full cycle tram, one of the most frequented vehicle of citizens. In Bursa are located 4 thousand large factories that produce cars. Bursa has also thermal baths and several museums, including a museum of archeology./Klan/
First Capital of Ottomans is Populated 30% by Albanians First Capital of Ottomans is Populated 30% by Albanians Saturday, May 31, 2014 Rating: 5
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