9-Floor Facility Blown up at Shkëmbi i Kavajës


National Urban Construction Inspectorate, INUK, notes in a statement for the media that has successfully blown up a 9-floor structure that was build ilegaly at Shkëmbi Kavajës, located at Adriatic shore about 20 kilometers south Durrës.

INUK, suggests that "after taking stringent security measures around 15:00, the domolition of ilegaly build object was done by detonation.

The operation was conducted in full compliance with the law and with the understanding of citizens and commercial entities operating in that area. "

A few days ago, after noticing the ilegality of the construction in Rashbull Municipality and its reference to interveene, National Urban Construction Inspectorate blocked and demolished the facility by controlled explosion.

This isn't the firs action of this kind for the government, same actions were made previously, as long as its priority is the clearance of the bank from ilegal construction and informality in order to increase tourism trafic of the country.
9-Floor Facility Blown up at Shkëmbi i Kavajës 9-Floor Facility Blown up at Shkëmbi i Kavajës Friday, May 30, 2014 Rating: 5
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