From gladiators to cockfighting...

From Marion Mardodaj

It is not surprising that a Romanian princess is part of such a barbaric practise, cockfighting organization, as reported from the main web-news all over the U.S. and World. A similar practice was developed more than two thousand years ago, for the same reason, to entertaine the audience: gladiator duels, where in the most of the cases one of the gladiators mustered die.
The same emotions, as those of more than 2000 years ago, as far as one being must die. For the same motive: to make money by entertaining the public.
In Gladiator Age, was the King or the Princess that decided if one of beings in the duel must die. The decision, in the major of the cases, was taken in accordance with the people's opinion.
Meanwhile in the cockfighting duel, one cock absolutely must die, to satisfy the public and the organizers. Is this a native instict of a Princess, earned in her Royal education. I think, yes. But is used in the most pegorative way, for the same purpose as more than 2000 years ago: to gain money and public credibility by killing a being. Maybe her behavior comes from a deep grief, because her throne dream, never became reality.
 Imagine the progress we made from the Gladiator Age. Of course, our civilisation has progressed a lot from that Age. For that reason, I think, Romanian Princess Irina Walker must go to jail.
From gladiators to cockfighting...   From gladiators to cockfighting... Friday, August 16, 2013 Rating: 5
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