We Came to Win": Armand Duka's Bold Statement Ahead of Italy Clash

 Less than 24 hours separate us from Albania's first match in the European Championship. The Red and Blacks will face Italy on Saturday evening, starting at 21:00. Emotions are running high among the fans of our national team, and Armand Duka is no exception. He told “TV Klan” that he is experiencing a level of excitement unlike any he has ever felt before.

Armand Duka while being interviewed by Klan News, screenshot
 Armand Duka while being interviewed by Klan News, screenshot
"Until yesterday, I wasn't feeling much emotion. But now, the excitement has started to kick in. My emotions aren't just for the start of the European Championship. My feelings are specifically for our national team's first match against Italy. It feels like a greater responsibility than in 2016. There is more pressure.

We now have much stronger opponents. Italy is the reigning European champion, with a rich history. But we will play our part. We are not here just to play; we are here to win. Why not stay as long as possible in Germany?

I am truly filled with excitement and emotion. It's rare that I don't sleep. Last night, I didn't sleep at all. I've mentioned in several interviews in Italy that I hope we win the match against Italy and that both of us advance from the group. But for 90 minutes, I will be against Italy," declared Armand Duka.
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