UK Man Detained in Dhërmi/Albania for Distributing Hard Drugs

Cannabis-type drug found on British national
 Cannabis-type drug found on British national in Dhërmi, source: Himara Police

 The Himarë Police have apprehended a 24-year-old British citizen, O. L., who was found in possession of various hard drugs intended for sale at entertainment venues in Dhërmi.

Specialists from the Narcotics Investigation Section of the Vlorë Police Directorate, as part of the intensive operational actions conducted under the nationwide anti-drug mega-operation codenamed "Temple 3," received information indicating that an individual was in possession of hard drugs for the purpose of selling them. Acting on this information, the police organized their operation and successfully caught and arrested O. L. in flagrante delicto.

During the search of the vehicle driven by O. L., police services discovered quantities of MDMA, ketamine, cannabis, and hallucinogenic magic mushrooms hidden within. It is suspected that the 24-year-old intended to sell these substances primarily in the entertainment areas of Dhërmi.

The procedural materials have been forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction in Vlorë for further actions.
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