Albanian footballer Mirlind Daku targeted by Russian Military Brigade

 Two-match suspension from UEFA after chants against Serbs and Macedonians at the end of the match with Croatia, where he joined the Red and Black Fans' chorus with a megaphone, seems not to have solved the problems for the National Team's striker, Mirlind Daku.

Mirlind Daku with a megaphone calling out against Serbs and Macedonians
Mirlind Daku with a megaphone calling out against Serbs and Macedonians
Serbian media have crucified him, demanding an even harsher punishment from UEFA. As if that weren't enough, a military brigade in Russia has openly threatened the striker from Gjilan.

Since Daku is part of the Russian Premier League team Rubin Kazan, the volunteer brigade of the Russian army called "Espanyola," which consists of football club fans and is active on the front lines in Ukraine, has targeted the 26-year-old.

In a reaction on social media, "Espanyola," who are fighting around Ugledar in the Donbas region, placed a sniper's target on a photo of Daku, calling on him never to return to Russia.

"As you know, the war in Yugoslavia in 1991 started with football. The modern war, which is being fought on the territory of the former Ukraine as part of the Special Military Operation, was without football until Espanyola brought our favorite sport to Donbass. Now all the most interesting matches are held near Chasovo Yar. Even though we do not follow what is happening in EURO 24, we get some news. Dozens of our star connections on the front line are working as they should. So we were very shocked when we heard that a Rubin Kazan player of Albanian origin, playing in our league, had the courage to sing with a megaphone and call for the killing of Serbs. He has something against all our Balkan brothers... Espanyola addresses Daku. We will be blunt. Better not to return to Russia! No apology will help here. It's too late. Goodbye!" reads the message for the Albanian footballer, published on Telegram.

Daku has currently returned to Tirana with the other players of the National Team, while it is expected that his club will also fine the player, even though the coach defended him in a statement to the media, calling what happened at the Hamburg stadium a mistake made under emotional strain.
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