French Cultural Week in Tirana Features Acclaimed "Fous de Bassin" Water Theater

 As part of the French Cultural Week in Tirana, for the first time, the water theater "Fous de Bassin" from the renowned French theater troupe "Ilotopie" arrived in Albania, announced by ATSH.

Fous de Bassin, Water Theater in Tirana
Fous de Bassin, Water Theater in Tirana
"In a world where reality is blurred and dreams float above the lake, there exists a spectacle unlike any other," declared the Minister of Economy, Culture, and Innovation, Blendi Gonxhja.

He invited citizens to attend this performance by the Artificial Lake of Tirana on May 15 and 16, to be amazed, according to him, by the magical circus on water and surreal games.

It is emphasized that in Albania, there are many people passionate about French culture, partly due to various influences. For example, former communist dictator Enver Hoxha spent part of his life in Paris, as did the current Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama.
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