Emma Bonino Endorses Albanian Candidate Muharrem Salihu for European Parliament Elections

 Today in Rome, Muharrem Salihu, a candidate for a seat in the European Parliament, stood alongside his ally Emma Bonino, a longstanding champion of human rights and equality in Europe.

 Emma Bonino and  Albanian Candidate Muharrem Salihu in an electoral campaign of the party +Europe
In a statement to the media, Bonino emphasized her unwavering support for Albanians today, just as she has been in their toughest moments. "A united Europe is one that includes Albanians, and Albanians should have their representative in the European Parliament," she declared.

Salihu, with Emma Bonino by his side, stressed the critical importance of Albanian participation in the upcoming European elections. He highlighted the significance of the Albanian voice within the Union of European States coalition, calling for cooperation and progress. "It is essential that our Albanian community vote for the United States of Europe coalition in these elections and that we all come together for progress! Our voice, the voice of Albanians, must be heard in Europe," he said.

Muharrem Salihu is an entrepreneur dedicated to Albanian causes. Having lived in Italy for over 30 years, he has experienced firsthand the challenges of discrimination, but also the opportunities of a welcoming country that believes in European integration like Italy. He strongly believes in bringing the Western Balkans closer to Europe to ensure prosperity, economic development, and democracy.

He is committed to bringing the voices of minorities in Europe to address the injustices of society, to reduce discrimination, and socio-economic inequalities.

Emma Bonino is a well-known figure in European politics, honored for her tireless efforts in advancing human rights, equality, and social justice. With a distinguished career spanning decades, Bonino continues to be a leading voice for positive change, in Italy and throughout the European Union.

Emma Bonino's endorsement of Muharrem Salihu underscores the importance of solidarity and representation within the European Parliament. As the elections approach, the support from influential figures like Bonino provides momentum to candidates like Salihu, who are committed to advocating for the rights and interests of their communities on the European stage.
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