Albanian Man Arrested in Elefsina After Years on the Run

 A 45-year-old Albanian man was arrested on Saturday in Elefsina, Greece, following a lengthy search that began in 2011 after his escape from Malandrino prison. According to Greek media reports, the arrest was the result of a meticulous operation conducted by the Research Department of the Attica Security Directorate, which followed an investigation and thorough evaluation of gathered information.

Two Greek policemen on a motorbike
 Two Greek policemen on a motorbike (archive)
The fugitive had been living under different identities, possessing documents with various identification details. However, fingerprint analysis confirmed his true identity as the wanted man.

Background and Arrest

The 45-year-old had been evading capture since his escape from Malandrino prison, where he had been serving a sentence. His arrest in Elefsina was a significant breakthrough for Greek authorities, who had been pursuing him for over a decade. The arrest operation involved careful planning and coordination, highlighting the persistent efforts of the Attica Security Directorate's Research Department.

Criminal Record

The Albanian man had multiple criminal convictions and pending charges. He was awaiting two prison sentences totaling 14 years and had three outstanding arrest warrants. These warrants were issued for his involvement in a criminal organization comprising fellow Albanians. The group was responsible for a series of serious crimes, including armed robberies and major thefts in various regions of Attica. In one particularly egregious case, the group was involved in an attempted murder during the commission of a robbery.

Forensic Evidence

Despite his efforts to conceal his identity, the fugitive was ultimately identified through forensic evidence. Fingerprint analysis played a crucial role in confirming his identity, leading to his arrest. The use of advanced forensic techniques underscores the importance of such methods in modern law enforcement, particularly in cases involving long-term fugitives and individuals using false identities.


The arrest of the 45-year-old Albanian in Elefsina marks a significant victory for Greek law enforcement. It highlights the effectiveness of persistent investigative work and the use of forensic science in tracking down and apprehending long-term fugitives. The successful operation also sends a strong message about the determination of authorities to bring criminals to justice, regardless of the time elapsed or the lengths to which they go to evade capture.
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