"Documentation of the Albanian archive deemed worthless was sent to the former Yugoslavia by the Albanian communists"

 Historian Nevila Nika revealed on Albanian media, A2 CNN, that during and after World War II, there were leaks of documentation from the Albanian Archives.

Albanian historian Nevila Nika while on a TV show
 Albanian historian Nevila Nika while on a TV show
According to her, there is evidence showing that low-value materials were loaded onto ships at the ports of Vlora and Durres and sent to former Yugoslavia for cardboard production. She adds that this fact became a problem even in 1947.

Albanian archives were not well-maintained before the '90s and shortly after. There is a lack of documentation, archives lost during the war. Even after the war, there were losses of archives, and the evidence is clear and painful. Massively, low-value documentary materials were sent and loaded at the ports of Vlora and Durres, and then sent to former Yugoslavia, but those that remained are valuable for legal proceedings. It became a problem in '47. Justifications were made that there was a need for the big brother to make cardboard. At the end of the war, some small towns like Permet, Tepelena suffered losses during the war. The problem is that after the war, with the order to collect archives in state institutions, they were not collected properly. In 1950, the archive was placed under the Ministry of Interior, and under Soviet supervision, there were damages for political purposes."
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