Albanians in Dubai: Navigating Business, Education, Prostitution, and Recent Floods

 Last Wednesday, Dubai's colossal highways succumbed to floods, schools closed their doors, and air traffic came to a halt as interruptions led to a deluge of 254 millimeters of rain in the United Arab Emirates, equivalent to nearly two years' worth of precipitation in this desert nation. Tuesday's rainfall in the United Arab Emirates was the most intense recorded in the country since records began in 1949, according to authorities.

 Recent Floods in Dubai
Tragically, at least one person lost their life, a 70-year-old man who was a passenger in a car in the emirate of Ras el-Khaimah. In Oman, another Gulf state where the storm struck for the first time on Monday night, at least 19 individuals, including several children, met a similar fate.

The cost of damage to vehicles and homes in Dubai is staggering! Experts warn that even when the waters recede, the damage will take time to repair.

The record-breaking downpours that struck Dubai on Tuesday were caused by an extratropical depression, confirmed a Swiss meteorologist, refuting hypotheses reported by Bloomberg News agency. They suggested that the rainfall was due to human intervention through cloud-seeding techniques.

These recent devastating floods in Dubai have prompted explanations attributing them to various factors. Among them are actions perceived as contrary to divine laws, including artificial rainfall through cloud seeding, prostitution, and a lack of solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle, as well as the killings and daily suffering of children for food, and the victims in Gaza facing Israel.

Currently, over 50,000 prostitutes operate in Dubai, for a population of 3 million residents, hailing from various countries classified by national origin. In 2006, the United Arab Emirates deported 4,300 foreign prostitutes.

Albanians in Dubai: Engaged in Business, Pursuing Education, and Some Involved in Prostitution

They are young, beautiful, or less so, qualified, or barely educated. Their common thread is clear: Some engage in prostitution to secure a living, but most are seeking an easier and quicker path to prosperity. The majority of prostitutes come from Slavic countries like Russia, Ukraine, or even Serbia.

According to the Swiss Albanian newspaper Le Canton27, Albanians are not absent from this reality. Among the over 100,000 Albanian prostitutes currently in Switzerland and EU countries, primarily in Italy, Greece, Serbia, and even Turkey, hundreds are also in Dubai. It is estimated that over 500 Albanian prostitutes are currently in Dubai, who have deceived their families into believing they are employed, engaged by a company, students, or working as mediators, in beauty salons or with massages, manicure-pedicure, or even as secretaries of delegations from Balkan states known as Escorts. Many of them use falsified names, pseudonyms, or have even changed their names, for example, from Hanumshahe to Zana, or otherwise.
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